Life hasn’t been easy for this single mother of four who works as a cleaner. But that never stopped Yeni from doing her best as a mom

Yeni, SPIN Member

As a single father, Sean wanted to help others with similar experiences, especially because single fatherhood is seldom talked about

Sean, SPIN Volunteer

Despite experiencing many heartbreaks and difficult situations, Layla has emerged from them strong and victorious

Layla, SPIN Member

Every mother and child is worth celebrating

E&S Blessing Pte Ltd, SPIN Corporate Partner

Blessing it forward to other parents in need

Kerry, SPIN Ally Volunteer

Learning to be a father and a mother at the same time

Ronald, SPIN Member

My hope is for my son to be a good boy & learn how to be independent

SPIN has changed our lives for the better, and I am deeply appreciative...

Being a single mother is not the end of the world

Dayspring has given me the hope for a good future

I am a single mother to 4 beautiful and amazing kids

Life has never been the same since I joined SPIN program