Every mother and child is worth celebrating

E&S Blessing Pte Ltd, SPIN Corporate Partner

“E&S Blessing first started partnering HCSA Dayspring SPIN in 2017. As mothers, we resonated with SPIN’s mission to support and empower single parents, especially since we wanted to partner an organisation that understood the parenthood journey.

Since then, we have been providing a contingency fund for the vulnerable single parent families that SPIN serves, which is distributed and utilised according to SPIN’s discretion. Just last year (2019), we also started our Celebrating Dreams Initiative which provides interested single parents the opportunity to start their own business by supporting them with a start-up fund and mentorship programme. 

Over the years of getting to know the staff of SPIN, I am constantly blown away by their hearts for those they serve and their openness to collaborate with us on our many ideas to benefit the single parent families. Likewise, attending the various SPIN events has also allowed me to connect and interact with the beneficiaries and now, to even journey with one single mother herself through our Celebrating Dreams Initiative.

SPIN has been such an inspiration to me and my organisation – the heart and service of the SPIN team has truly impressed upon us to do more for those around! And to the beneficiaries, E&S Blessing looks forward to being able to journey with you more deeply this year!”

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