About Us

Who We Are

HCSA Dayspring SPIN (Single Parents INformed, INvolved, INcluded) started as an initiative by HCSA Community Services in collaboration with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

HCSA Dayspring SPIN aims to empower single parents who lack support to be resilient and self-reliant, and to help them attain increased capacity in caregiving/parenting, improve their social support, psychological well-being and increase their access to practical resources.

Whom We Serve

SPIN seeks to reach out to and serve single parents with limited or no social support network.  This includes lone caregivers of children (under the age of 18).

How We Support  

As a SPIN member, you will get different kinds of support:

  1. A SPIN social worker will meet with you at your home or somewhere you are comfortable, to get to know you better and find out more about the kind of support you need.  The social worker will meet with you once every two months for one year.

  2. A volunteer network, known as “SPIN Ally Network“, will provide practical support to you to ensure higher accessibility to resources, improved ability to make well-informed decisions, and improved socio-emotional support. 

  3. Regular activities for you to enrich and encourage you in your parenting journeys – these sessions will be child-friendly.

  4. Respite services for you to schedule free time without your children for up to 4 hours on a case by case basis.  Children will be taken care by volunteers, while you attend to your personal activities.

  5. SPIN portal as a resource tool that provides relevant and up-to-date information to enrich members in knowledge and informed of available community resources.

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