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What is a SPIN Ally Volunteer? 

We value the importance of mobilising and empowering ally volunteers in the areas of their interest and expertise which can be of services to single parent families.

Volunteers are like “ally families” for the single parents, providing social and emotional support and sharing their skills and knowledge.

Ways to volunteers are as follows:

1. Ally Volunteer (Befriender)

You can arrange social meet ups, play dates and coffee catch ups.  You can also broaden the network for single parents through job opportunities and/or skill based sharing.

As an ally volunteer, you will be required to commit for a period of 6-12 months:

  • Be matched with one or two single parent families to assist them and give support accordingly to their needs
  • Provide support to single parents who are unsupported or facing limited support – emotionally, physically and practically
  • Have regular interaction with SPIN social/case workers to ensure you are comfortable with the progress of the volunteering journey and to provide feedback where necessary
  • Receive ongoing guidance and support from SPIN including orientation, guidelines on code of conduct, and appropriate trainings to equip you in your volunteering work with SPIN

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2. Volunteer (Other Areas) 

If you’d prefer to volunteer on ad-hoc basis, you can contribute to one or more of the areas:

  • Training – provide training or conduct workshops (e.g. parenting, job interview skills)
  • Donation in kind – milk & diapers, food rations, second-hand items
  • Contribution of articles, expertise opinions, inspirational stories to SPIN website
  • Child minding
  • Cash donation

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Outcome of Your Contribution

The aim is to:

  • Increase the single parent’s ability to make well-informed decisions
  • Improve the single parent’s access to practical assistance and support
  • Improve the single parent’s access to socio-emotional support
  • Strengthen the social support network of the single parent
  • Encourage the application of skills and/or competencies useful to single parenting
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