Despite experiencing many heartbreaks and difficult situations, Layla has emerged from them strong and victorious

Layla, SPIN Member

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was afraid to have my baby because of the abuse I was facing by my own mother at home.

At that time, I had nobody to talk to about this, neither did I have any newborn items to prepare for my baby’s arrival. I was referred to SPIN when I was 4 months pregnant and they journeyed with me through the remaining months of pregnancy up till delivery. I was blessed with baby clothes, maternity clothes, and other items that I didn’t even know I would need.

They continued to support me even after I gave birth. When a SPIN volunteer found out I had no cupboard or cabinet to store my baby’s clothes, she pooled her resources to get me brand-new plastic drawers where I could keep the clothes neatly. It was also through SPIN that I learned how to raise my newborn daughter with the help of a child nurse volunteer, Rachel, and lactation consultant, Ellen. Without them, I wouldn’t have know that my daughter’s poor feedings were due to her having lip and tongue ties. Ellen even arranged to have the ties corrected free of charge so that I could carry on breastfeeding my daughter without a problem.

In my time with SPIN from pregnancy till now, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several empowerment sessions that have allowed me to open up and learn from fellow mothers who have gone through similar situations as me. These sessions have taught me practical skills such as solids-making tips, and have also inspired me to make steps towards pursuing my dreams through activities such as vision-boarding. I’m grateful to the volunteers who help watch our children so that we, parents, can make the most of these inspiring workshops.

Now that I have my baby, I have a strong responsibility towards her and I prioritise her. Even if I have to forgo my income for days, I will keep her at home when she is sick so she can rest properly. As a mother, I want to create a hygienic, safe and conducive home environment for her, make sure she has clean clothes to wear, clean bedsheets to sleep on, and clean toys to play with. I am also learning to cook nutritious meals for her.

I find joy in the little moments as I watch my daughter eating and growing well. She is now learning new words every day and even though she can’t use proper words yet, she has learned how to kiss me.

Despite experiencing many heartbreaks and being in situations beyond what I thought I could handle, I have emerged from them strong and victorious. Today, I am returning to school to complete my studies where I hope to graduate with good grades and earn enough money to provide for my daughter.”

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