SMU Pro Bono Centre x HCSA Dayspring SPIN – Legal Talks 2024

Hi there!

HCSA Dayspring SPIN is partnering with SMU Pro Bono Centre to conduct a series of online (Zoom) legal talks in 2024 for you to be aware of divorce proceedings, legal protection and maintenance.

Do sign up, be informed and aware of what you/some one else can do in such situations!

This series of legal talks are open for all (i.e SPIN Members/Alumni, SPIN Volunteers, Members of the public)

– Talks will be done online via Zoom
– A Whatsapp group chat will be started with all participants to provide
1. Zoom link to the talk
2. A channel of help if you’re unable to log in to the talk
– Zoom link to the talk will be sent closer to the date

Topic 1 – Maintenance
Date: 14th May (Tuesday)
Time: 1900hrs to 2000hrs
Synopsis: How to apply and deal with issues of non-compliance of agreed maintenance?

Topic 2 – Divorce Processes
Date: 11th June (Tuesday)
Time: 1900hrs to 2000hrs
Synopsis: How and what should one prepare for a divorce? What if one is a foreigner/PR? What are things to take note of when divorcing under Muslim Law?

Topic 3 – Division of Matrimonial Properties in a Divorce
Date: 13th August (Tuesday)
Time: 1900hrs to 2000hrs
Synopsis: Division of Matrimonial Properties in a Divorce

Topic 4 – Custody & Care of Child(ren)

Date: 15th October (Tuesday)
Time: 1900hrs to 2000hrs
Synopsis: Things to note when fighting for custody. Can my child(ren) choose who they want to live with? Is mental illness record a disadvantage?

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