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SG Enable

What is SG Enable?

SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities.

Key functions of SG Enable include:

  • Enhancing information and referral services for child and adult disability schemes;
  • Administering grants and support to persons with disabilities and their caregivers;
  • Improving transition management across different life stages;
  • Enhancing employability and employment options for persons with disabilities; and
  • Rallying stakeholder support in enabling persons with disabilities

What services are available for Children (0-6 Years)?

SG Enable provides information and referral services for the following services which are run by various Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs):

Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC)

EIPIC provides therapy and educational support services for infants and young children with special needs.

Integrated Child Care Programme (ICCP)

ICCP is an inclusive child care programme for children with mild special needs.

Additionally, SG Enable provides information only for the following services:

Development Support (DS) & Learning Support (LS)

DS and LS are short-term intervention programme that prepares children with mild developmental needs for mainstream primary school education.This programme is currently under the purview of the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Therapy for Young Children

Voluntary welfare organisations provide rehabilitation and therapy services for children with special needs.

They also have programmes and services for Youths with Disabilities (7-18 Years).

What schemes are available?

If you or a family member has a disability, you can receive financial aid and other assistance.


Allow eligible persons with physical disabilities to park in accessible parking lots.

Early Intervention Programmes

Schemes available for early intervention services.

Equipment, Technology & Home Retrofit

Subsidies are available for assistive equipment and home retrofits, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids and ramps.


Transport schemes include the Public Transport Concession Scheme, the VWO Transport Subsidies and the Taxi Subsidy Scheme.

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