Work Life Synergy: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

By Shruti Nadkarni

Work life balance is a misnomer which needs to be fast replaced by a new principle ‘Work life synergy’, the philosophy that if we order our life such that efforts are centered around what is most important to us, we will maximize our purpose and meaning in life.

Interview: Chris Vera, SVP – Data Analytics and Solutions, married with a 1 year old daughter.

“For me, family is more important than work,” Chris says. “I’ve recently become less emotional about work as family takes my main focus.” He felt his personal life was where he wanted to spend most of his time on. While work jogs his mind and gives him the intellectual stimulation he needs, it’s his family, be it his wife or his daughter who he looks forward to going home to, eventually. “Work gives me time and resources to live, to buy toys for my daughter”, he added. As a parent, one needs to recognize the deep privilege and sense of pride inherent in raising good kids.

“Especially for single parents”, he added, definitely invest time in yourself, and your hobbies, only if you are happy within will you be able to share this happiness outside.

Tête-à-tête with A Senior Colleague at Work, Parent of a six month old baby, Vice President, Team Manager.

A senior colleague at work, mentions that juggling time between his six month old baby and a full-fledged career is an enjoyable but herculean task.

Having a schedule and sticking to it gives you a grip on your time, which causes the chaos to go down and your quality of life to go up. “It is always a struggle”, he said. “But also ensure that you ask for support, be it hiring a full-time help with the baby, or identifying the ideal work situation with your manager at work. Try part-time work or request for an allowance to telecommute. This should help with including more family time and a flexible work schedule”, he signed off.

These keys points will definitely help you have more control over your own time and more effectively gain a sense of balance.

Even more difficult as a single parent ….

Nearly 14 million single parents navigate the rigmarole of having to balance their work with good parenting. You have to know that hardships are temporary. Balancing work and life for a single parent can be extremely difficult. A single parent can never overdo anything, be it with their child, their relationships, their work or even their own selves. You may not have someone to share your joys and grief with however, the question you must ask yourself is “what does that balance mean to you?” You should use your own judgement in various situations depending on what matter requires your attention the most, at that point in time. It also means not being judged based on the time you put in or not put in at work but purely on the ability to deliver results.

Some people may not even feel the need to try, for them their children come first and their jobs are a high priority. For all the rest of the stuff, there is always time later, for when the children grow up.

Balance is extremely important in a successful life, otherwise the effort you put into your life would not be worth it. Even the body knows when it needs to shut down, and will tell you. Relax and enjoy every moment of your life, because that is what will eventually decide your productivity. You need to refuel your engine so that your car can keep moving.

Invite your kids to work, allow them an insight into your responsibilities, so that they are well aware of the trials that you face. As a result, what you do when you work, is real. It isn’t something abstract but can help children be more appreciative of your efforts.

Earn your freedom by doing work that matters to you and people you love. Every family is different, find a way to raise yours happily.

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