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Employment Considerations

As the main and, sometimes, only caregiver of your child, finding a job that both pays the bills and allows some flexibility in your schedule is essential.

Full-time worker and mum: Jaxe 

In this time and age, it is not common to see blatant discrimination of unmarried mothers at work. Yet, Jaxe feels inevitably penalised because of the restrictions she faces being the sole caretaker of her daughter. While her colleagues can stay for longer hours in the office, she has to leave to pick her daughter from school. While her colleagues can jump at opportunities, Jaxe has to take a moment to think about how each decision she makes might potentially affect her daughter. Not that she’s complaining. The restrictions are simply something she has to learn to work around.

Check out these tips for greater employment opportunities.

Juggling between work and caring for your child may be tough, but with the right information and a persevering mindset, things can and will get better.

Here’s what you can look out for when you’re finding a job or planning your career.

Finding a Job

Training Programs:

Getting trained is important in finding your job and keeping it. CDAC provides integrated support to workers in their job search and skills upgrading by adopting a case management approach and working closely with various government agencies

Apart from full-time work, you can also consider flexi work (work with flexible timing) and part-time jobs.

If you wish to use online portals to find a job, Career Mums SG and Mums @ Work SG are for mothers seeking information on freelance, part-time and flexi work.

Other sources of job information include Single Parent Support Group (ad hoc job listings) and SCWO IT Hub (IT courses), as well as HCSA Dayspring SPIN Facebook closed group for active and alumni members.

Getting Ready for Work

Dressing well for your interview or your first day of work is important. Not only does it show how professional you are, it also gives you that extra bit of confidence. If you are looking for a nice outfit to make a good first impression, you might want to check out Dress for Success® SingaporeThis non-profit organisation will help you choose the appropriate clothes, as well as coach you on getting ready for the interview. To be eligible for this free service, you will need to get a referral from a non-profit organisation or a community group.

Dress for Success® Singapore is managed by Image Mission Ltd, a registered charity. For more information, please visit .

Another organisation you can check out is Daughters of Tomorrow . Registered as a charity under the Charities Act of Singapore, Daughters of Tomorrow runs programmes that support women in their journey towards financial self-sufficiency. One such programme is the Confidence Curriculum, a preparatory course which includes modules like personal discovery, soft skills and communications, coaching and professional development.

Looking for Employment or Training Support / Opportunities?

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