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Divorce for Muslim Marriages

Divorce For Muslim Marriages

Muslim divorces in Singapore are governed by the Administration of Muslim Law Act.

Muslim marriages would need to apply for divorce under the Syariah Court.  The Court offers counselling for Muslim couples with marital difficulties (known as Marriage Counselling Programme). It also offers mediation for divorce cases with the aim of settling child custody and other ancillary matters amicably.

From 1 January 2015, if you have children below 14 years old, you and your spouse be required to attend a parenting plan discussion at the Court’s appointed agency (list provided below) and submit the parenting plan to the Court when filing for divorce.

For more information, please click here for FAQs, or visit the Syariah Court.

Pre-Divorce Information Briefing Session

If you do not know what to expect when you embark on the divorce process, you are strongly encouraged to attend Pre-Divorce Information Briefing Session which is held once a month at the Syariah Court.  This session aims to provide:

  • Information on the Court’s divorce processes and procedures
  • Clarification on the documents to submit to the Court and how/when to submit such documents
  • Information on ancillary issues that will be discussed in the Court (e.g. custody/access of children, housing, what you or your spouse can claim from each other, etc)

Day: Last Saturday of every month

Time: 10.00am (duration of 1.5 to 2 hours)

Venue: Syariah Court, Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru, 8 Lengkok Bahru, #03-01, Singapore 159052

In any case if you wish to consult someone on legal issues, you can approach one of the community centres/clubs (CCs) or community development council (CDCs) that provide legal counselling services.

Application Process for Divorce or Counselling

An overview of Syariah Court’s Marriage Counselling Programme Process can be found here.

Marriage Counselling Programme: Appointed

Counselling has been part of the Syariah Court’s divorce procedure since 1955. Failure to attend counselling will result in the divorce case being closed.

The Marriage Counselling Programme was first implemented in October 2004. The programme is provided through 15 appointed agencies:

  1. THK FSC @ Bedok North
  2. THK FSC @ Bukit Panjang
  3. THK FSC @ MacPherson
  4. THK FSC @ Serangoon
  5. THK FSC @ Tanjong Pagar
  6. ACOSS (APKIM Centre for Social Services)
  7. Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)
  8. Muslim Converts Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam)
  9. Inspirasi @ AMP
  10. Inspirasi @ PPIS
  11. Jamiyah Counselling Centre
  12. As-Salaam PPIS Family Support Centre
  13. PPIS FSC (East)
  14. PPIS Family Therapy Institute
  15. PPIS Vista Sakinah Centre for Remarriages & Stepfamilies

Available Helps

Helps are available.  You can contact the following organisations for more information.

Family Support Division
Ministry of Social and Family Development
Tel: 6324 0024
Email address:​
Address: 7 Maxwell Road, MND Building Annex B, #04-11, Singapore 069111
Do also visit MSF’s website for more details.

Syariah Court
Hotline: 6354 8371
Email address:
Address: Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru, 8 Lengkok Bahru, #03-01, Singapore 159052

Law Society Pro Bono Services
Community Legal Clinics
Tel: 6536 0650
Email address:
Address: Community Justice Centre, Level 1, The State Courts of Singapore

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