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Emotional Considerations

The conflict between you and your spouse during divorce often raises feelings of anger, regret, remorse and depression. These feelings are normal.

We also understand that having young and dependent children may make your task even more challenging as you try to shield them from the anger, conflict and upheaval of a divorce.

In any case, try to stay calm and positive — use the divorce as an opportunity for growth. 

Emotional stages of divorce

Although different people experience or react differently to divorce, there are however some common emotional stages when a person is going through a divorce.  It is common to have emotions moving back and forth between the stages.

Knowing and understanding the different stages you may be in can help you navigate the journey in a healthier way.  Have a read at these articles.

How to Cope Emotionally

Experiencing the emotional stages of divorce is like riding a roller coaster, but you can get through it.

We have put together some resource articles and hope they can help you maintain a positive outlook and develop new coping skills during your divorce.

As you read, you will find out one good way to cope with divorce is to talk it out. Talk about your feelings and know that it’s to ask for help.  While it is normal to feel these emotions off and on, you should consult your doctor if you are experiencing these emotions daily for a prolonged period.

Available Helps

Helps are available.

1. Support groups for women currently going through divorce

We understand divorce can be difficult, complicated, emotional, stressful and energy-draining.

If you are recently divorced or are going through divorce proceedings now; if you feel lonely or helpless, and confused about how to rebuild your life after your recent divorce, you don’t have to go through it alone.

AWARE’s support group might be able to help. You can meet and learn from other women facing similar struggles. Together, you will learn ways to cope with the emotional upheavals, adapt to changes, restructure your lives meaningfully and embrace this new stage of life with hope and positivity.

2. Single Parent Support Group

HELP Family Service Centre’s single parent support group programme encourages emotional support among single parents in a conducive environment; and facilitates recovery from loss, separation or divorce.  It aims to promote sharing among single parents so as to enhance coping as single parents.

3. Counselling

HELP Family Service Centre also offers counselling sessions (individual, joint or family) to address the different needs of individuals affected by divorce; and provides holistic care and support during and after divorce.

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