When One plus One is more than Two

Even a nursery student would correct this simple maths. Almost always one plus one would equal two, but not if you count one as a parent and the other a child. Words just cannot do justice to describe the synergy that is born with this brand new relationship. From the time the child and parent meet for the very first time, an extraordinary energy changes them for life.  

Those fortunate enough to experience the unconditional love in its purest form, would agree. Just imagine the unbreakable bond with someone to call your own for life. Someone for which you strive to be the best you can and someone who rewards you with empowering trust.  

A renowned example of such empowerment is that of celebrity author, JK Rowling. The credit of her Harry Potter success undoubtedly goes to her talent. But without her strong determination, her talent would not have survived the several rejections and failure she faced before the Harry Potter series reached the world. She started off with just an idea. This single parent, JK Rowling, rose from destitute to being one of the most famous and richest authors of our time.  

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual. We would hope it did. Perhaps this invisible energy is just that. It is the most natural and miraculous phenomenon known to mankind since the beginning of time. A parent is always ready to face the world’s challenges, to protect the child’s well being and to live a fulfilling life. There really is no such thing as a perfect parent. There never was. Parents are perfect just the way they are with all their imperfections.  

This article is written and contributed by Priya, SPIN volunteer.

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