Despite abuse, miscarriage & kidney failure, S’porean single mum pushes on for young daughter

Natalya Rahayu has a painful past, one which led to her becoming a single mother but she’s using it to help other women in need.

As 39-year-old Natalya Rahayu recounted the abusive and humiliating four-year relationship that she endured with her former partner — the very one that resulted in her becoming a single mother to a precocious four-year-old girl today — the scene of a motor collision hit-and-run unfolding in slow motion came to mind and I realised that it is a fitting metaphor for her harrowing experience.

John (not his real name) was Natalya’s former flame and just like a speeding car, he zipped back into her life and took whatever he wanted.

Whenever he couldn’t get his way, he responded with violence, from frequent sharp smacks to the back of her head, to the eye injury which he inflicted in a drunken rage, to the miscarriage that Natalya went through after John delivered a vicious kick to her belly.

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